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The Ultimate Gift Set



The ultimate gift set for a new baby and a new mommy!

  • Personalized white Bodysuit embroidered with baby’s name
  • Personalized "Birthday Bunny Blankie" embroidered with baby's name and birth date (optional)
  • Personalized Star Bodysuit embroidered with baby's name - pink\blue, 3-6 months
  • Personalized Blanket embroidered with baby's name
  • Personalized white Hooded Towel embroidered with baby’s name and birth date (optional)
  • Personalized Bib with baby's name
  • Baby Socks
  • Baby Cotton Mitts
  • MyBabyGift Greeting Card with your personal message
  • MyBabyGift signature Gift Box beautifully tied up with satin ribbon  

* Price includes all embroidery 

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  • White Bodysuit - 100% cotton
  • "Birthday Bunny Blankie" - super soft bunny hugging small blanket
  • Star Bodysuit - 100 % cotton, 3-6 months short sleeves (pink\blue)
  • Baby Blanket - 100% cotton. Has pocket with satin ribbons for a fun play that soothes and calms baby. The personalized blanket can be used also for nap time, swaddling and tummy time. Suitable from birth. Size 35x39 inches
  • Hooded Towel - Soft white 100% cotton towel with baby's name. The baby’s name is delicately embroidered on the towel, leaving a long lasting memento. Size 35x31 inches with pink or blue edges.
  • Baby Bib - 100% cotton 
  • Baby Socks that look like cute shoes. Suitable for 0-12 months
  • Mitts - 100% cotton